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Message for Holy Week and Easter for the parishioners of St. Aidan’s East Acton and Our Lady of Lourdes Acton.

Another week of the Coronavirus pandemic; another week of worry and concern for everyone; another week of sadness and loss across the Country; another week of being in awe of the bravery and commitment of the people working on the front line in the NHS and caring professions. Another week of seeing our shops and supermarkets well stocked and open and our public transport running thanks to the dedication of their workers. Another week of amazing and uplifting stories of our parishioners helping and caring for one another. Another week of phone calls with offers of help, and inquires of health and good wishes.

And yet this is not just another week it is Holy Week, a week in which we “herald with the whole Church the celebration of our Lords Paschal Mystery that is to say, of His Passion and Resurrection” This Holy Week will be like no other, for this Holy Week our churches will sadly but necessarily remain closed. The crucial social distancing essential in these weeks means our parish community will not gather together for our Easter celebrations, but let us be united in prayer.

This Holy Week let our separation cause us to be even more united through the Holy Spirit as we gather in our own homes to pray for each other.

The priests of the parish, Frs Fintan, Chris, Pearse and I will celebrate the services, all be it alone and behind closed doors, but we will be united with you all. Coronavirus cannot break that bond.

On Holy Thursday rather the washing of the feet, all priests will renew their priestly vows, on Good Friday, we will venerate the cross for and in solidarity with you, and at the Easter Vigil we will wait together for resurrection, for the dawn to overcome the darkness, for new life, for joy and hope to spring eternal.

So however you celebrate this Holy Week be assured of our love and prayers until we can call come together again and celebrate all that we have missed in these weeks of separation.

One behalf of Frs. Fintan, Chris, Pearse, Deacon Tito and myself I would like to wish you and yours all the blessings of Easter. Stay safe and well with God’s grace.

Fr. Fergal.

Alleluia, Alleluia He is Risen, He goes before us….