Thy Kingdom Come – new resources from the Agency for Evangelisation

Thy Kingdom Come – Lighting up the world in prayer – 13th-23rd May 2021 –

Once again, alongside other Catholic dioceses we are pleased to be participating in this timely ecumenical initiative to help us reflect more deeply on our journey with Christ and personal call to discipleship. A variety of rich Catholic resources are available for use in our parish communities, which can enable us to prepare more fully to celebrate the great Feast of Pentecost. In a year that has been beset by many personal challenges and worries, we hope that these resources may provide a useful source of spiritual nourishment and reflection.

We would like to highlight the following key resources:

Pentecost Novena: A beautiful way  to prepare ourselves for the joy of Pentecost, This resource is available as a download, booklet, or podcast:

Journey with Mary: This special playlist has been created for us to journey with Mary from the Ascension to Pentecost . What would we say, or share with Mary?

Praying for 5: During the novena which 5 friends, family, neighbours, who may be away from the Church, or have yet to discover the love offered them by Jesus would you pray for. Simply do so throughout the day and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for them.

A simple Prayer Journal has been produced to support our personal prayer during the novena,

For Families: There are some delightful resources to help families, particularly those with young children praying Thy Kingdom Come. To explore what is on offer please click below;

Sharing your good news: We would love to hear Thy Kingdom Come stories from your parish – before, during, or after the Novena. Please send these, and any pictures you might want to share, to Deacon Roger Carr-Jones at the Agency for Evangelisation –