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Baptism is the beginning of our life of faith, the beginning of getting to know and understand what being loved by God means. Baptism is God’s token to us of his great love. Our faith carries us forward to the Sacraments, but when we are babies it is the faith of our parents which brings us to the Sacrament of Baptism.
INFANT BAPTISM: Congratulations on the birth of your child. The Church rejoices with you at the arrival of a new and unique person who is loved by God and created in his image

Having been blessed with your new child you are now setting about doing the best for your child and for many Catholic parents this means joining the family of the Church, especially the Church in your local area, your Parish. Through Baptism we become Christians and share in the life of the Church, which is Christ’s body on earth. The Baptism you are requesting for your child will be the greatest gift that you can ever give – a gift that means a life lived in the love of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Your child’s Baptism will be the beginning of a journey of faith – an exciting and challenging journey which will lead the child deeper and deeper into the heart and love of God.


Baptisms are scheduled by filling out the yellow Baptismal Form which you can find at the back of both churches. Hand the completed form to Fr. Dominic or into the Parish Office. There is a preparation class, usually once a month on a Monday between 7.15pm and 8.15pm in St. Teresa’s Parish Centre on Shenley Road beside the church. There is a Rite of Welcome during the Sunday Mass that you normally attend and the actual Baptism takes place on the weekend following in the afternoon.

Forms can be requested by emailing to

A word about choosing


Each infant or young child who is to be baptized must have at least one godparent. Customarily, an infant or a young child who is baptized has both a godmother and a godfather. The parents of the child to be baptized are prohibited from fulfilling the role of godparent for their own child. Godparents  must be at least sixteen years of age; and at least one Godparent must be a Catholic who is confirmed and has received First Communion; a person who lives a life in harmony with the Catholic faith and intends to carry out the role of godparent.