First Holy Communion

borehamwood north communionPreparing to receive Reconciliation and the Eucharist for the first time can be one of the most memorable experiences parents share with their children. Beforehand it is important that the family attend Mass each Sunday so that the child understands more fully what the Eucharist is about.

Families who regularly worship at the Catholic Parishes of Borehamwood are invited to enroll their children for the parish preparation for Reconciliation/Eucharist in June when they are in Year 3 or above.   Parents play a major part in the preparation and are guided through it with the help of  parents’ meetings, guide books and children’s workbooks.   Catechists also lead the children in group activities.

Preparation for reception of Holy Eucharist takes in conjunction with the First Reconciliation Programme and is open to all children in Year 3 or above in Primary school.   Full attendance at Sunday Mass is required.   Celebration of First Communion is usually held on Sundays following Easter/Pentecost.