We are a Catholic church community in the heart of Bushey. Whether you are working, studying or living in Bushey we look forward to welcoming you in person to Sacred Heart and St John the Evangelist RC Church.

Our postal address is Presbytery, London Road, Bushey, Watford, Herts WD23 1BA. We are a ten minute walk up Chalk Hill from Oxhey mainline station.

You can contact us by phone on 020 8950 2077.

Our email address is busheyandoxhey@rcdow.org.uk.

Parish Centre / Hall Hire  Contact Number – People wanting to book the Parish Centre should phone 07925 979414 . The Parish Centre Number is available Monday to Friday & has an answerphone. For further details see the Parish Centre Tab on the left hand menu



Dear Parishioners,  There will continue to be two Sunday Masses one at 8.30am followed by one at 10.30am. Under safety rules we can only permit a maximum of 50 people at each mass.

You will have to book your place by calling 020 8950 2077 by 12 noon on the Friday before each Sunday Mass that you wish to attend. You can only book for one week ahead.

When booking do not leave a message, make sure you speak to a person who will verbally confirm your booking. Your name will then be added to a list that will be checked by the stewards at the main door of the Church before you can enter. A steward will show you to your allocated seat. Families can occupy one whole pew. Bring as little as possible with you by the way of handbags etc.

There will not be an Offertory collection, however, a basket will be placed by the exit door of the Church.

Communion will only be under one kind and this will have to take place at the end of Mass. Fr Jim will explain this before Mass begins.

Do remember to bring a face mask with you. There are no toilet facilities available at the Church. The Mass has to be much shorter than usual.

The Sunday Mass obligation has been suspended so that if you are over 70 it might be wiser not to take the risk of social gatherings.

A very big Thank you to all those wonderful people who continually act as volunteers to assist our Masses as stewards, Eucharistic Ministers and cleaners. Without you we could not have opened for Masses. Thank you also to those who volunteer as Stewards for the opening of the Church on Tuesdays for private prayer and devotion and those who clean and sanitize the church afterwards.



The lock down over the past 15 weeks and the cancellation of Masses has of course had a serious effect upon our parish income. Despite Standing Orders, we have lost somewhere in the region of £1,500 per week.

First of all, thank you for keeping up those standing orders. If this is not your usual way of weekly or monthly offering do please consider changing over to it as it makes tings much simpler for us. Just ask me for the form and I will send it to you.

If you normally give by cash or weekly envelope and would like to make a donation you can do so by cheque made payable to Sacred Heart Church Bushey and pop it through the door of the house. You will also find details about this on the TAB to the left – “Donate to our Parish”.

Only do this if you really can afford to under the difficult financial circumstances you may be undergoing.

Thank you for your continued support.   Fr Jim



The church will be open again this Tuesday from 10am – 12pm and 5pm – 7.30pm

We are asking for volunteers to join the cleaning team which will clean the church next week in preparation. The church must also be cleansed on Tuesdays after the last session..

We are also looking for people to act as stewards to be present during the sessions to guide and help parishioners who attend.

To volunteer, please contact Fr Jim on 020 8950 2077 – and leave a message or by email  busheyandoxhey@rcdow.org.uk

Other ways of Following Mass

If you have a radio you can hear Mass daily on longwave 252.

MASS ONLINE – for links to MASS being streamed online please see the following document: Mass streaming and useful websites

ALSO see the tab Online Mass Schedule on the left

MASS INTENTIONS If you have arranged and paid a stipend for a Mass and it cannot now be said on that date,  then the Mass will be said at some future date but under the present circumstances no future dates or times can be given.



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No one is alone! –                 

Prayer when confined to your home :    Prayer not alone Westminster

Diocesan Resources During The Period Of Mass Suspension, is helpful to all. They include Liturgy & Prayer , Reflection and Faith in Action



RCIA LEARNING ABOUT CATHOLICISM If you would like to learn more about what it means to be a Catholic, or if you are already a baptised Catholic but have been away from the Church for a while, please speak to Fr Jim after Mass or contact the Parish Office on 020 8950 2077.


BAPTISM COURSE – Please contact the office for more information.





Brexit & EU Citizens

Please find the information on the EU Settlement scheme at https://www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families as our Bishops want to ensure that all EU citizens are aware that they need to apply.


JOB VACANCIES WITH THE DIOCESE of WESTMINSTER. If you or your friends and family are looking for a new opportunity please visit the website https://jobs.rcdow.org.uk/


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