The Synod Pathway

Pope Francis has invited the worldwide Church to a time of listening – of listening deeply to each other as we walk side by side, telling our stories of faith. This is what our ‘Synodal Journey’ means, simply journeying together. He describes it in this way:

“Synodality is the way of being the Church today according to the will of God, in a dynamic of discerning and listening together to the voice of the Holy Spirit”

Pope Francis

There will be a Parish Meeting on December 14th at 7.30 pm. This is what has been termed a ‘listening event’; we shall be listening to each other’s responses to a set of questions about the church and its future.

Attached below is a list of questions called ‘Share your Thoughts’ which we will be considering.  If parishioners cannot get to the meeting they will be encouraged to print out the page and send in their answers or bring them to Mass.