Confirmation 2021



Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, the 2021 Confirmation Programme will be delivered online via Zoom.  Our priority at this time is to be able to deliver the programme in a way that is safe for both the young person and for our catechists.



To be eligible for this programme:

  • You must be a parishioner of the parish of Our Lady Help of Christians, Rickmansworth or St John Fisher, Chorleywood or St John the Evangelist, Mill End and Maple Cross (or have a privately agreed referral from another parish)
  • Your child must have been baptised as a Roman Catholic
  • Your child must be in School Year 9 or above.

If you and your child meet the above criteria you can download the Application Form.  You will find the link for the Application Form and details of how to complete it, further down this page.  For now, please continue reading, as there is more important information which you need to know before completing the application form.



The programme will begin in January 2021.  The online programme will be delivered online via Zoom on Monday evenings, 7:30-8:30 pm. It would be helpful if you could sign up for a free Zoom account using the main email address you give us, so we can pre-arrange you into smaller discussion groups in the sessions.

If for any reason you cannot commit to consistently being available for this time, you are invited to postpone until 2022. If you do not have suitable equipment to meet online with a camera, earphones and microphone, please, get in touch with Fr Damian, and he will be happy to discuss options. We will make sure any issues of this nature will not be a barrier.



  • Your child must take part in the video call in a suitable communal environment (not a bedroom).
  • Be appropriately dressed (fully dressed in clothing that covers top and bottom half of the body).
  • All members of the household must be aware that the call is taking place and make sure that they are appropriately dressed.
  • Young people must use appropriate language and behaviour when nearby or in the background. Some of the video calling software has a built-in option to ‘blur’ the background – you may feel this is an appropriate feature to turn on.
  • You will make sure your child has ‘logged off’ the call correctly and signed out before turning off any devices.
  • You and your child will not try to contact any leaders using these online tools outside of the pre-arranged calls. If you need to contact a leader for any reason, you will do so following your normal contact procedures (i.e. emailing).
  • Additionally, parents, or a parent/guardian/sponsor, will be expected, each week, to watch a 10-minute video with the young person, and discuss a few questions together.
  • A parent/parents/sponsor are required to come to one Zoom session to discuss how the course is going (date to be confirmed).
  • The young person must not be pressured into receiving the sacrament against their will.



  • Have a minimum of two adults present throughout the video call who will stay on the call until everyone has ‘logged off’.
  • Adults involved in the call will hold a current disclosure certificate (DBS) as required for their volunteer role.
  • No-one will contact you outside of any pre-arranged meetings using these online tools and if they do need to contact you will do so following their normal contact procedures (i.e. emailing)
  • Those holding the meeting will watch through and check any links or videos they may direct your child to. They will make sure everything they use is age-appropriate.
  • Leaders and other adults on the call will use appropriate language/behaviour throughout the call.
  • Those leading the meeting will ensure they are in a communal living space throughout the call. Where possible they will blur the background in any video calls and any members of their household will use appropriate language/behaviour throughout the call.



We appreciate the format of the 2021 programme may not suit every family. If this is the case, we recommend that you defer until 2022.  There is no rule that Confirmation must take place in Year 9.  It is not uncommon for young people to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at 18+. This should not be experienced as a failure on the parent’s part. In fact, the opposite can sometimes be true. Sometimes a young person who decides not to be confirmed in year 9 decides to engage/re-engage with their faith when they are older, using the sacrament of Confirmation as a means by which to do so. Sometimes, this has an even more profound effect than if they had received the sacrament when they were not ready.



  • Download the application Form APPLICATION CONFIRMATION 2021 and pdf Swimming pool
  • Complete the application Form (ideally typed) but if hand-written in clear BLOCK CAPITIAL LETTERS (especially important for your email address)
  • Please use your main email address to which you want us to send you all information regarding the Confirmation programme.
  • Please indicate on the form if your child has any special educational needs. This information is especially important this year, given the online format.
  • If your child was baptised at any parish other than the three listed above, you must also provide us with a copy of their baptismal certificate.
  • When you have completed the application form please attach it to an email (along with a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate, if appropriate) and email it to by no later than Monday 30th November 2020. Please, be aware that replies from the confirmation email have been known to go to people’s junk or spam, so please check there if you are waiting for emails.



  • There will be an Induction Meeting for parents and young people via Zoom on Monday 25th Jan, 7:30 pm, to explain how the 2021 programme will work, and expectations. After this meeting, the details and dates of the Confirmation programme will be emailed to you.


Please remember that the Catholic Church teaches that parents are the first teachers of your child in the ways of faith. It will be even more important this year than ever.  We earnestly encourage you to take this responsibility very seriously.  This is what you promised to do when you had your child baptised.