Sunday 9am Mass

20th September 2020 9:00 am

You are booking INDIVIDUAL SEATS; please book a seat for each person attending.  You can book for a minimum of ONE person and a maximum of SIX persons.  You may only book for anyone within your OWN SOCIAL BUBBLE.


Please PROVIDE THE NAMES OF ALL PERSONS attending the mass with you in the name box.  


You will know when you have booked your place, because you will have been able to complete the online booking process.

No more bookings are available if the notice below says ‘Fully booked’.  However, please, continue to check the booking status throughout the week, as places may become available when people in a social bubble are allocated seating together.

Please, arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before, and no later than 5 minutes before Mass starts.

Please bring a face covering with you.

Unfortunately, kneeling is not permitted due to social distancing.

Please note that you may be seated in the Lounge, which has an audio feed from the church.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience with this new process.

St John Fisher
Shire Lane

Carolyn Opie
07989 939575

Bookings Are Closed