Young people wishing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation must be in Year 9 or above and sufficiently mature to undertake the commitment required for this sacrament, which permanently completes one’s membership of the Church through the gift of the Holy Spirit. It therefore requires a public commitment of oneself to the Catholic faith and a promise to take a full part in the life of the Church

Evidence of Catholic baptism is required at the time of registration. If a young person is new to the parish they will need to provide a letter from their previous parish priest stating that they are currently a practising Catholic. If they are unknown to Fr. Shaun and Fr. Damian and are unable to provide a letter from their previous parish priest, they will have to wait a further year before they can be confirmed so that their commitment to the faith can be ascertained through Sunday Mass attendance. Candidates are expected to show a genuine commitment through continued weekly attendance at Sunday Mass and attendance and full participation at all the preparation sessions of the confirmation course.

Notification of registration for this sacrament is published annually in the parish newsletter.