If you are planning to get married at St John Fisher or elsewhere and you live within the geographical boundaries of the parish, please make an appointment by phone or email to see the parish clergy, who will take you through the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed.

If you do not live within the geographical boundaries of the parish, you must have a strong historical or family connection with the parish in order to be married at St John Fisher. If you believe you have such a link, contact the parish clergy   to ascertain whether that is the case.

In any case, no couple should, under any circumstances, make fixed arrangements for their wedding, such as with a reception venue, until they have completed the initial paperwork with the parish clergy and they have explicitly confirmed that the marriage can go ahead and that the proposed date is possible.

Depending on circumstances, completing marriage paperwork can be a protracted affair. Couples are required to give six months notice and are strongly advised to contact the parish clergy as soon as possible after they have decided to marry to ensure that they have the best chance of completing their paperwork in time for the proposed date of marriage.