Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Joint Parish Pastoral Council (JPPC)

The SLT was established in January 2019 to assist the parish priest in planning tactically for the on-going development of our parish renewal process following the ‘maintenance to mission’ principles of Divine Renovation. Fr Shaun has formed the SLT with the clear intention of ‘leading out of a team’.
The current membership of the SLT is:
Fr Shaun Church – Parish Priest
Fr Damian Ryan – Assistant Priest
Paul Forrest – Our Lady’s, Rickmansworth
Anne -Lorrimer-Roberts – St John Fisher, Chorleywood
Geraldine Page – St John’s, Mill End
The SLT currently meets fortnightly.

The JPPC was established in March 2019, with the principal role of supporting the parish priest in the development of a strategic and long-term vision for the renewal process for our three parish communities, following the ‘maintenance to mission’ principles of ‘Divine Renovation’.
The current membership of the JPPC is:
Fr Shaun Church, Parish Priest – President
Fr Damian Ryan, Assistant Priest – Ex-Officio
Anke Vos, Parish Youth Coordinator – Ex-Officio

Anne Lorrimer-Roberts (SLT) – Ex-Officio (appointed for 1 year term of office in March 2019)
Michael Roche (Mill End & Alpha) – Ex-Officio (appointed for 1 year term of office in March 2019)

Each parish has an elected core group of four members:

Our Lady’s, Rickmansworth Core Group:

Judy Gordon – until February 2022

Richard Booth – until February 2022

Margaret Burke – until February 2023

Sharon Blayney – until February 2023

St John Fisher, Chorleywood Core Group:

Maggie Stacey  – until February 2022

John Donohoe – until February 2022

Yasmin Lakin – until February 2023

Francis Holly – until February 2023

St John’s, Mill End Core Group

Natalie Zammit – until February 2022

Ann Casey – until February 2022

Maria Crossland – until February 2023

David Scott – until February 2023

The JPPC meets bi-monthly.

The Terms of Reference for the JPPC are available here:

JPPC Terms of Reference


The Minutes of the January 2020 meeting of the JPPC can be viewed here:

Minutes of JPPC Meeting – January 2020


The Minutes of the November 2019 St John Fisher Parish Core Group Meeting can be viewed here:

Minutes of the Chorleywood PCG – November 2019