I am so happy to be able to confirm our lovely news that, following our Not the Christmas Fair last December, where we raised £2,313, and Continuing to Care in April – £1,387, we have been able to double up both amounts on their BIG GIVE pages.  The total amount we have donated, therefore, is £7,400.  Enough to fill lots of empty tummies or to be put to whatever excellent use the Centre needs most.  I would like to thank you all for your huge support in bringing and buying (usually both!) and in particular Marguerite (her magnificent Christmas Cake adventure raised over £700) and also Rosemary and Eddie for their help and care in setting up and keeping the garage open.

Stephen Carrid, their Fundraising Relationship Manager, whom you will remember being at many of our Fairs,  has asked me to pass on  his huge thanks for our efforts and prayers for the Centre and hopes to see us all again at Christmas.  Will it be at Church or in my garage.  Haha – who knows.  Love and renewed thanks to you all, Mary xx.




We have cared to good effect and the garage is now closed.  Our scrap silver and gold raised the astonishing sum of £410 and that is included in the garage bring and buy since Christmas of £1,315 (not bad!!).  We hope to double that by paying it in to a Big Give page on June 8th.  I am still happy to  take donations up to June 7th.  Rosemary and I sorted all the goods we had left.  We saved some for November’s SJF CHRISTMAS FAIR and donated all the rest to the Watford New Hope Trust.  VERY MANY THANKS to each and every one who has helped in so many ways, Rosemary, Eddie in particular and all of our kind donors  and buyers, to support this most worthwhile Charity.  No more news until after June 8th, when I will bring you the final totals.  Love from Mary  284975








Original final figure increased by getting into the ‘Big Give’ with hours to spare and doubling up to £4626.



This year’s Charity fundraising event will be based at Mary Latimer’s garage at Turneys Orchard and Marguerite Watkins’s house in Clements Road.


They have kindly offered to run this COVID reduced Christmas Fair in aid of the Cardinal Hume Centre in Westminster, a really worthwhile cause.

Information leaflets on the Cardinal Hume Centre are available.


There will be a Raffle, Silent Auction, Christmas Cakes, Hyacinths and plants, and Bric-a-Brac.


Mary’s garage is open from now and until 5th December.

To buy tickets, make a bid, or to make an appointment to view items,

Call Mary Latimer             07795 276728


Raffle Prizes 2020

10+ bottles including Champagne; Port; Whisky; Wines; 

a Basket of Fruit,    a home-baked Cake,    Box of Sweets,

and “Reginald” the Reindeer.


Tickets £1 each

Call Mary Latimer to view prizes and buy tickets             07795 276728

The Raffle will be drawn on Saturday 5 December at 12.00 noon


Silent Auction

Two paintings kindly donated by local artist Hilary Walker are available in the silent auction

Pears in a Row


Call Mary Latimer to view pictures and to place your bids        07795 276728

The Silent Auction will close on Saturday 5 December at 12.00 noon


Hyacinths and plants

Are available at various prices

Call Mary Latimer to view and to buy                                    07795 276728

Hyacinths can be collected or delivered from 1st to 5th December


Bric-a-Brac  (Bring and Buy)

Bring some and buy some,  items available at various prices

Call Mary Latimer to view and to buy                                    07795 276728


Christmas Cakes

Marguerite Watkins’s Christmas Cakes will be available to order:

Prices:                       Medium £11.00                 Large £16.00

                                    And Sponge cakes at £4.00

Call Marguerite to order:                       01923 282780

Cakes can be collected or delivered from 1st to 5th December



Payments can be made in cash or by cheque (made payable to Mary Latimer). Payments can also be posted to Mary.



All Proceeds of the Fair will go to Cardinal Hume Centre