Catholic Women’s League

CWL Newsletter April 2020


We have a membership in the region of 30 Ladies from the Parish, (always on the look out for more)!! We meet every second Wednesday of the month in the Parish Small Hall.

For several years now, we have provided a paper copy of the weekly Parish Bulletin, amongst other things, to those of our members who are unable to come to Mass & do not have access to the Internet.

During these unprecedented times, a telephone communications link has been set up – whereby each of our members receives at least one telephone call each week. We have done our best to match people who know each other.  Loneliness & isolation are two serious matters, which we are trying our best to assist with, by keeping our members feeling connected & involved.  They know that someone is at the end of the telephone and are encouraged to call us too.

 We offer Spiritual Support – Group Rosary, Suggested Daily Prayers & Bible Readings, information on appropriate TV Channels & hopefully soon Radio Stations.  With Holy Week fast approaching, some of our members would like to watch or listen to Mass & other Services, which is denied to those without Internet Access.  In addition we offer practical help where we can, such as the collection of medicines, posting of mail, delivery of newspapers & some food shopping.

Mary Jackson, Chairman

The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) was founded in 1906.

The CWL encourages members to work both within the Parish and in the wider community.  Members are also concerned with issues at a National & International level.

During World War 1 the CWL had a base in Northern France running Canteens for the troops.  In World War 11 the CWL continued to run their Canteens and cared for the wounded in Railway Stations.

In recognition of their work in two World Wars a bench bearing the name of the CWL can be found at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Throughout the UK the CWL currently has 17 Branches, 124 Sections & 2350 Members.

Cockfosters Section is part of the Westminster Branch – and was founded in 1957.  One of the Section’s founder members, Dorothy Rayner – is a Parishioner to this day.

In 2017 we celebrated our 60th anniversary ( Diamond Jubilee).

Cockfosters Section continues with charitable works & fundraising.   Every year, all funds raised are shared between our nominated Charities.  Details of our 2019 nominated Charities are also on this noticeboard.

Cockfosters Section meets on every second Wednesday of the month, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in the Small Hall.  Ladies from the Parish are welcome to come along for tea/cake, meet new friends and possibly consider joining the Section.

Please leave your name and contact details with the Parish Office if you would like to know more about the CWL, Cockfosters Section.