Ecumenical Charismatic Prayer Group

Praise & Worship, Talk/Teaching, Intercessions, Testimonies, Prayer/Healing Ministry

We have been meeting every week since 1972, when we were set up by Dom Benedict Heron OSB, and many thousands have benefited over this time; we have had people coming even from Cornwall! Dom Benedict also encouraged us to run Alpha and we have run 44 Alphas in North London as well as many training courses
Covid 19 has forced us to change our meetings  to Zoom at 2.30 pm every Saturday and we continue to have inspiring meetings; The Holy Spirit works well on Zoom!
People of all ages and all denominations find both encouragement and fellowship; healings also continue to take place. Zoom allows people to join easily from all over the UK and from abroad and new members are most welcome – just ask for the link from
We attract inspiring outside speakers; the latest list is as follows :
October 3        Charles Whitehead
             10       Lin Button
              17      Maggie &Andrew Colvin
              24      Jenny Baker
November 7     Rev. Patricia Taylor
                14     Fr Jean-Sebastien

Click below for the latest list of forthcoming speakers: