Make a Text Donation

 Our Parish is now making available a new way to ‘top-up’ your offerings or to make a special gift. By using your mobile telephone, you can now text £5 as an offering to help support the running costs, ministries and programmes, or the cost of maintenance and repairs to our buildings.

 Simply text: Parish EASTC to this number: 70800

 Type: Parish (then a space) EASTC to 70800

 Click send and £5 will be added to your mobile phone bill, as a donation which will come directly to our Parish. Thank you!

  •  ¨ Authorised by the Parish & the Diocese.
  • ¨ Totally safe and convenient
  • ¨ You will not receive unsolicited calls or spam texts
  • ¨ There is nothing to sign up to or log into.

  This is a great way to provide an offering if you’ve previously given the loose coins from your pocket or purse. And if you give already by envelope or standing order, this can be used as a way to make supplemental offerings or special gifts.

 Our Parish will get 97p of every pound donated.