Parish Groups

Our faith community can be nourished by active participation in parish groups that meet for prayer, social action, Sacramental preparation, youth work and the support of others in the life the Church. To share our lives in these ways allows us to offer ourselves and draw strength from each other.

Altar Servers

altar serversAltar Servers assist the Priest and the congregation during the Mass and other religious services throughout the year. A good server is one who knows what to do, but also understands why it is being done.

Servers at St Anthony’s are members of the Guild of St. Stephen, an International Organisation of Altar Servers founded in London in 1904.

Any parishioner interested in becoming an Altar Server is asked to speak with the Parish Priest, or email the Parish Office at

Music Ministry

music ministryMusicians and singers enhance and enliven the celebration of Mass by encouraging the active participation and congregational singing of those attending and sharing in the Mass. We achieve this by leading the congregation in sung worship and prayer.

We use a range of music to help the whole congregation express their feelings in joyful and in solemn worship. We welcome new members, regardless of musical experience, age, vocal range or type of instrument played. You are very welcome to join us with your voice and/or instrument.

We are very grateful to Monica and George; to Jim and Kieron who lead the music at the Sunday10 am and 12noon Masses.


readersProclaiming the Word of God is a very important ministry in the life and liturgy of the Church. New readers are welcome at St. Anthony’s. If you would like to be considered for inclusion on the rota of readers for the Sunday Mass please speak with the Parish Priest or email

Meeters & Greeters at Sunday Mass

meetersThe Parish Priest asks for volunteers to welcome the People of God to the Sunday Masses (handing out Hymn Books, Mass Books a providing a smiling welcome at the door!) If you would like to help ‘meet and greet’ at the Sunday Mass please speak with him or contact the Parish Office.

Flower Arranging

flower arrangingA small group meets to arrange the flowers at St. Anthony’s to help keep the church beautiful.

If you would like to join our small team of volunteer flower arrangers please contact the Parish Office on 020 8951 5769 or email

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

extra-ordinary-minister-of-holy-communion1Extraordinary minsters of Holy Communion are those members of the Parish who assist the Priest by distributing Holy Communion at Mass and taking the Sacrament to the sick and homebound. The term ‘extraordinary’ distinguishes such a person from the ‘ordinary’ minister of Holy Communion in the Parish, namely the Priest.

If you would like to find out more about this ministry please speak with the Parish Priest.


repositoryThe Repository at St. Anthony of Padua is taken care of by Annette O’Malley.

The Repository has a range of devotional items and gifts including statues, pictures, rosaries, crosses, medals, gold & silver jewellery. The Repository is open on Tuesday and Friday after the 9am Mass and on Sundays after the 10am and 12noon Mass.

St Anthony’s Youth Club

youth clubSt. Anthony’s Youth Club meets in the Parish Centre every other Friday from 7.45-9.30pm. All young adults and children from Year 3 and above are welcome. Join us to make use of our Pool Tables, Table Tennis, Trampoline, Football, Sumo Suits, Games & Tuck Shop.

We also have Christmas parties and End of School Year parties. For futher details please email Neil on or visit the website.

Church Cleaning

cleaningChurch Cleaning at St. Anthony’s takes place every Thursday. There are morning and evening teams.

If you would like be included on the rota please contact Debbie at the Parish Office on 020 8951 5769 or email

Mothers Prayers

mothers prayersMothers Prayers at St. Anthony’s provides a welcome space for mothers who wish to pray together for their children, grandchildren and the needs of the world whilst receiving and giving a little mutual support.

The Mothers Prayers takes place on the last Wednesday of every month.

If you are interested in joining the Mothers Prayers please contact Joan Connolly on 020 8952 9834.


St Vincent de Paul Group

st vincent de paul groupThe aim of the St Vincent de Paul Society is the same today as it was at its conception in the 19th Century: to tackle poverty in all its forms through the provision of practical assistance to those in need. The concept of need is broader than financial hardship.

Visiting the sick, the lonely, the addicted, the imprisoned and those suffering from disabilities form a large proportion of the Society’s work.

If you would like to find out more about the St. Vincent de Paul Group at St. Anthony’s please contact Joe De Lord on 020 8959 3516.

Finance Committee

finance-committeeThe Finance Committee “helps the Parish Priest in the administration of the goods of the Parish” in accordance with Canon 537. Committee members are from the parish community.

Responsibilities include advising on the capital expenditure of the Parish, planning the upkeep and maintenance of property and assisting with the Gift Aid programme/collection counting teams.

If you would like to find out more about the Finance Committee please speak with the Parish Priest.