reredosIn celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the parish, December 25th 1934, ten statues of the English Saints and Beati were placed in the niches of the reredos.

These were the work of Lindsay Clark in collaboration with the architect, Mr D Reid. As the Catholic Times of December 28th 1934 reported, Lindsay Clark’s work was so skilful and delicate that the statues appeared to have always been part of the whole.

This combined an essential simplicity with an expressive strength; the figures have a clear characteristic solidarity which only serves to emphasise the spirituality of the ideas they embody.

The saints are:-
St George,
St John Fisher,
St Etheldreda,
St Augustine of Canterbury,
St William of York,
St Thomas Becket,
St Edmund,
St Margaret Clitheroe,
St Thomas More and
St Alban.