Fr. Seamus Stapleton


Seamus Stapleton, S.C.A.
1971 – 2016
Requiescat in pace.

Very sad news from Hastings.

 Fr. Seamus Stapleton died suddenly in the presbytery on Sunday 30th October 2016. May he rest in peace.

Seamus had celebrated 10am Mass in the parish of St. Mary Star of the Sea, Hastings, and went for a cup of tea with his parishioners. He returned to the presbytery, when he did not appear for the 11.30am Mass, the Deacon and some parishioners went to find him, he had collapsed in the kitchen. The emergency services were called, but he had already died.

Seamus was born on 14th September 1971, made his first consecration on 29th September 2002, and he was ordained on 11th June 2006.

Seamus is mourned by his mother Mary, his brothers John, Matthew and Liam, by his sister Anne-Marie, and his extended family; he was predeceased by his father James.

There are no details of the arrangements yet; but he will be buried in Ireland.

Please keep his Mother and family in your prayers, they are understandably very shocked and distressed.

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