COMING TO MASS at St Gabriel’s & St Bernards

Frequently Asked Questions.

Should I come to Mass or not?
While we would all love for everyone to come to Mass, we should all think about our own well-being and the good of other people. You should not come to Mass if you have symptoms or feel unwell in any way. You should not come to Mass if you are very elderly or have health conditions that may mean you are particularly vulnerable. Think carefully about how you will travel to church and whether you can get there and back safely.

How often can I come to Mass and when?
We are asking people to come to Mass once a week. That can be any Mass on any day. Sunday may be busier so come during the week if you can.

What will I have to do?
Everyone will be asked to use the hand gel on the way in and out.
We are currently maintaining the 1 metre + distance rule, as the wearing of face coverings is mandatory (unless medically exempt) Please do not interact physically with other people.
You should sit in the places indicated by an arrow mark (not either side of it). Households should sit together between these marks.
Please don’t bring anything with you to leave behind other than your offering (which has to be given as you leave in the buckets by the exit door). Do not leave any litter or tissues.

What about a weekly newsletter?
There will not be a paper newsletter for now. All news will be posted on the Parish website

What things will not be available?
There will be no access to the toilet, repository, sacristy, or the parish office. PLEASE go to the toilet before you come to church. For now we cannot make the toilets available and we don’t want anyone to be in an embarrassing situation and caught short. Please bear all these factors in mind before deciding whether you should come to church.

Will the car park be open?
Yes, the car park will be available, but you should think about walking if possible. If you get blocked in the car park there could be a problem if you or others cannot get into the church because it is full.

What will the Mass be like?
We will be following the instructions for Mass issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. These instructions are there to help keep everyone as safe as possible. Because we want to reduce the amount of time spent indoors, Mass will be shorter. There will be no singing or other ministries. On Sundays there will be no second reading.  Procedure for the reception of Holy Communion will be explained. You will be asked to leave the church by following the one-way system.

What is the capacity inside the church?
St Gabriel’s seats 90 individuals. St Bernard’s seats 75 individuals. With household groups this number can be greater, depending on the size of households. Due to the limited capacity, we have had to introduce a system to book a place at Mass. This can be done through the website or by telephoning the office.

What times will Mass be celebrated?
See the homepage for details.

When will this begin?
Public Masses will begin on Saturday 11th/ Sunday 12h July 2020.

What about going to confession?
Confessions will be  on Thursdays from 6.00pm until 6.45pm in St Gabriel’s and Saturdays between 10.00am and noon in St Gabriel’s . Confessions are heard in the Conference Room at St Gabriel’s.  Your confession should be brief and to the point. You should say your penance outside or on the way home – please do not return to the spaces in the church.