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Welcome to the webpage of the Roman Catholic Church of St Peter, Hatfield South.






St Peter’s Catholic Church is a welcoming missionary parish committed to spreading the Gospel values of love and service to all through our community worship, and by responding with compassion and love to the needs of  our parish and of the wider community, so that we, like St Peter, may spread the Good News and in the end attain eternal life with Christ in heaven.


We are a Roman Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Westminster. We are situated in south-east England, some 20 miles north of central London. Together with Marychurch, we are one of the two Catholic parishes serving the town of Hatfield.

As Catholics we are Christians in Communion with the Pope, as the successor of St. Peter, fully committed to following the teachings of Christ as contained in Scripture and the living Tradition of the Church. We seek to live out those teachings in our own lives, to commit ourselves to a life of prayer and charity and to share with others the Good News of God’s salvation.

We are a thriving parish who come together to worship God, to receive His sacraments and to build up the community of God’s faithful people. There are many activities for people of all ages taking place at St Peter’s. You are very welcome to join us here. If you are arriving in the parish for the first time, please introduce yourself to the priest and other parishioners, and take a moment to complete a registration form.

In addition to the long term residents of Hatfield, we are also the spiritual home for the Catholic members (students and staff) of the University of Hertfordshire. There is a full programme of spiritual and social events arranged both at St Peter’s and on the campus.

Our postal address is St Peter’s Presbytery, Bishop’s Rise, Hatfield, Herts AL10 9HN.

You will find us a half-mile from Comet roundabout, via Cavendish Way.

You can contact us on 01707 262121.

Our email address is hatfieldsouth@rcdow.org.uk


We’re keen to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us!