The main aim is to ensure that all parishioners are kept up to date and informed about what is taking place both within and, where relevant, outside the parish. This involves:

  • Weekly newsletter available at every week end Mass
    (any parishioner can contribute to this; it is edited by the parish priest)
  • Effective promotion/marketing of activities
    (responsibility of those organising the activity)

  • Web site updated regularly
  •  Parish contacts – a list in the church porch
  • ‘Welcome to our Parish’ leaflet for newcomers – copies available at the back of the church
  • Careful explanation (through circulated copy) of the parish group structure with the aims of each group set out
  • Reports from the parish groups available at the back of the church
  • Parish Council minutes made easily available
  • Topics discussed at Parish Council meetings are summarised and read out at each Mass on one Sunday following the meeting thus enabling all parishioners to be updated.

A secondary aim is the effective communication by our parish to individuals/groups outside the parish – perhaps through the auspices of the Outreach group.

Contact: Ann Dodd