Finance Committee

In Canon Law, the parish is entrusted to the care of its parish priest who must ensure that the parish is administered ‘with the diligence of a good householder’. However, in English Civil Law our parish is not a separate legal entity, but is part of the Diocese of Westminster.  The Finance Committee exists with the principal purpose of assisting our Parish Priest, Father Brian McMahon, to administer the financial resources of the parish and to ensure that the parish church and other property are kept in good order

The committee comprises eight members:
Father Brian (Chairman)
Deacon Simon (ex officio)
Sheila McDonnell (Treasurer)
and parishioners of long standing

The Committee is responsible for the safety and management of all the funds of the parish and for ensuring that these are kept in an account within central banking.  We meet at least four times a year to assess the financial position and to ensure that we have sufficient funds available to meet our current liabilities.  We prepare annual budgets and advise the Parish Council with regard to any proposals entailing above normal expenditure.  All major expenditure has to be approved by the Diocese of Westminster.

The Parish accounts are kept in a prescribed manner and are presented to the committee members at our meetings.  Annual accounts are submitted to the Parish each year after the Financial Returns have been submitted to the Diocese.

We are also responsible for ensuring that all relevant legislation is complied with, in particular the Disability Discrimination Act, Health and Safety Rules, Licensing Laws, HMRC’s Finance Acts and the Charities Act.  If you are able to make your donations to the parish under HMRC’s Gift Aid Scheme then please click on the picture below, fill in the form and send it to Jim Fitzpatrick c/o the parish office address on the form.