Garden Maintenance

We are fortunate to have space for a garden around our church and we, who have the care of that garden, now benefit from the work done by previous generations of parishioners. The gardening group also tends the presbytery gardens and the planting beds in front of the Parish Centre.

In total this is a large task and not all of it is as well maintained as it should be. Like all gardens they do not look after themselves!

We meet on Saturday mornings between 10am and noon, weather permitting. If Saturday morning doesn’t suit you but some other time would then perhaps you could take responsibility for one aspect or section of the garden.

New recruits will always be welcome (even for the occasional Saturday morning).

We have mowers but most of the work is weeding, pruning and trimming so, if you’re interested, bring tools such as secateurs, hand trowel/fork and shears.

The Garden of Peace

The gardening team is pleased to announce that the side garden (adjacent to Church Fire Exit)
has had a ‘makeover’ and a Teak Bench has been installed with a plaque dedicating the area
‘In memory of all our loved ones’.

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Our New Teak Bench
We hope the garden will be a place of tranquillity, remembrance and reflection.

The garden is open to all parishioners and our village neighbours.
We are very grateful for an anonymous donation towards its costs.

Contact: Tony Grainger