H&S – Health & Safety

These ‘three little words’ have fuelled the growth of a compensation culture with which we are all familiar in our everyday lives. All organisations, secular or religious, must meet the increasingly onerous requirement to comply with H&S legislation and to be able to demonstrate they are doing so.

Our Parish has been blessed with both clergy and lay professionals who have ensured that we have identified and met our legal obligations to date.

However, the Diocese needs to protect itself, its clergy and laity against the penalties of non-compliance. To this end it recommended the use of an external H&S consultancy (Precision Safety Ltd) and negotiated an attractive long term (5 years) contract with fixed annual fees. This provides the basis for a cost effective, consistent and evidenced approach to H&S and, at the same time, lightens the burden of individual responsibility at Parish level – especially for the Parish Priest.

It also provides an additional service to meet the technical and regulatory requirements relating to Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting installations.

Precision Safety Ltd was appointed from January 2010. Our parish H&S representatives, Geoff Doyle and John Gavin, are the first point of contact (details below) for parishioners and others and continue to liaise closely with Precision on all related matters.

Precision Safety representatives have visited our sites during 2010 in accordance with the contract and have assisted in the drawing up of the official Health and Safety policy for the parish. This has been signed off by the Parish Priest and a copy is available for inspection via our H&S representatives.

The Policy identifies some areas where further improvements are either desirable or necessary and we are working progressively to address the particular issues.

Health & Safety Statement: facilities for disabled persons

Overall awareness of H&S matters has increased and we will continue our programme of volunteer involvement and training during 2011.

H&S registers have been placed in each of our three sites and the Master register is held by the H&S representatives.

We are also setting up a separate H&S Committee which will meet quarterly and report to the parish priest through the Parish Council.

The health and safety of our parishioners is paramount. We are confident that these arrangements will ensure continuity of all current Parish activities through the application of a sensible and practical approach.

For further information please contact

Geoff Doyle
Tel 01442 265827
Mob 07515 943615


John Gavin
Mob 07510 294832