Blessing of Holy Icons

Icons from the Lent icon group were blessed by Fr John at the 10.00am mass at Our Lady’s on Saturday 6th June. They were laid before the altar during the mass. Here are some of the participants holding the icons they had made of the Virgin Eleousa and St Michael.  








Creating Holy Icons – Lent 2015

The course was run as a meditation during Lent with iconographers’ prayers at the start and finish of each session. 15 people took part this year creating some beautiful Holy Icons, 3 people came from outside the parish. The iconographers painted either a Virgin Eleousa  (‘Virgin of Loving Kindness’), or St Michael, and used the ancient technique of egg tempera on a gessoed board.  The haloes on St Michael were gilded using gold leaf.

     20150415_12290820150415_122856     20150415_122920     20150415_122829