Bereavement Support Group

Our four Hemel Hempstead parishes, St Mary’s and St Joseph’s, St Mark’s, Our Lady Queen of all Creation and Grovehill & Highfield now have a Bereavement Support  Group.

The support group meets once a month. There is an opportunity for those who have experienced a bereavement to talk about their loss and share their experiences if they wish.

It does not have to be a recent bereavement – you may have lost someone some time ago but feel you might benefit from some support now.

Families can be wonderfully supportive. However, often it can be a relief to talk to a person outside the family circle who is not directly involved in your loss, and who is prepared to listen in confidence and to offer another layer of emotional support.

Fr. Brian will give an information leaflet to the bereaved which can be followed up, if wished, by ringing either of the priests.   They will then make contact with the facilitator who is a qualified counsellor.

The facilitator will call to arrange a visit.

All of the people involved in Bereavement Support are trained volunteers and there is no charge for this service.

If you have any further queries please call:

Fr Brian 01442 391759


The Bereavement Support Group…

…meets on the first Thursday of the month at the small hall  ‘under’ St Mary and St Joseph’s Church, Boxmoor from 1.30pm to 3pm. 

All new attendees are very welcome; we chat and have a cup of tea or coffee.  

Those who join us may share their loss if they wish.

Contact: Fr Brian, 01442 391759