Livestream Music

Interested about the music on our livestream?

We are delighted to feature the music from Novum Records in the livestreaming our masses. Novum Records is a small independent label based in Dallas, Texas.

But despite the substantial geographical distance, our parish has a very close connection with Novum.

Rebekah Curran, a life-long parishioner of Our Lady’s married Will Hickl in January 2020, on a sunny winter day here in Hemel Hempstead. Will, a Texan, is the founder and driving force behind Novum Records and is passionate about developing, and supporting music talent within the Christian music community. Having moved to Dallas, Rebekah is now adding her creativity to all that Novum does.

If you would like to hear more of their music and learn more about the artists that feature in their music, do visit their website.

You can also listen to their work on Spotify