Register for Sunday Mass

Sunday Mass will be limited to reduced number of households, to ensure social distancing is maintained and are:
Our Lady’s – 20 households
The Church of the Resurrection – 15 households.
PLEASE NOTE – from the weekend of the 26th/27th September there will be reduced capacity while we will be including seats for our First Holy Communion Children over the weekend Masses for the next few weeks. 
If you want to attend Mass, please register online:
Please be considerate – If you we were at Sunday Mass on the weekend please register for mass in two weekends time to give others a chance to go first.  If there are spaces available 24 hrs before Mass, please feel free to register for Mass.  

Click Here to Register to Attend Sunday Mass

You only need to register once for your household (or your social bubble), because you will be sitting together in the church.

You will only be allowed into church if you have registered. I am sure you will understand that this is a matter both of safety and fairness.

Arriving for Sunday Mass

Please come a little early to Sunday Mass, to give the stewards time to safely admit everyone to church. You may have to queue outside, briefly, especially if you come too late! Please be understanding and patient with the stewards, especially in the first weeks as we get used to this new routine.

Face Coverings

Following the advice of the Government and bishops, we are following the “1m plus” social distancing rules. This means households must remain at least one metre apart at all times, providing a mitigation of risk is also applied. That means everyone must wear a face covering to Sunday Mass, with a few exceptions (those with certain health conditions, disabled people, children under the age of 11).

UPDATE: It is now compulsory that all who are not exempt where face coverings in a place of worship.