Welcome Fr. Derek

Fr. Derek Hyatt has been appointed to the four parishes of Hemel Hempstead

Please make him welcome!

Fr. Derek Hyett

New Mass Times

The new mass times come into operation from 1st November

St. Marks                  Grovehill              Our Lady’s             St. M & J

Sat. : 5.00pm           Sat.: 5.30pm        Sat.:    6.15pm

Sun. : 10.30am        Sun.: 9.00am       Sun.: 10.15am      Sun.: 8.45am

Ordinariate 9:00am                                    11.30am              11.45am

–                                                                                               6.00pm

Weekday Masses will remain as they are apart from Friday when there will be an evening Mass at Our Lady’s

This will be reviewed in February.