Certificates of Catholic Practice can be downloaded from this link here. Once you have completed it and the accompanying request form, downloaded from this link here, they should be posted through the Presbytery letterbox at 186 St Johns Road. If everything is fine with your application it will be signed and available for collection from the Parish Office, behind the Parish Centre. You will be notified when it will be available.

Certificates will only be issued to practising Catholics, that is, families who are known to parish clergy and regularly attended weekly Sunday Mass in the period before the suspension of the Sunday obligation. Occasional absence for sickness or other emergencies, such as extreme bad weather etc are understandable and acceptable. If you are not known to parish clergy and do not have a history of regular weekly Mass attendance, then a certificate will not be issued, no matter what the circumstances.

If you are new to the parish and unknown, then you will need to apply to the parish priest of your previous parish.  Please also ensure that you make your application in good time to meet school deadlines, as we cannot be responsible for late applications.

All the best with getting you child into our excellent Catholic schools!

Parish Administrator Office Hours
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