10:30am Sun 16th May

16 May 2021 10:30 AM

Please note your booking is for a single pew for a family bubble, which is a MAXIMUM of SIX (6) people. 

Please arrive on time so that the stewards can book you in and show you to your pew. Please follow steward instructions at all times, observing social distancing, wearing a face mask that covers your mouth and nose (unless exempt) and sanitising your hands on arrival.

Toilets are NOT available for use, as we do not have sufficient resource to clean them.

The offertory collection will be taken as you leave the church. Please transfer to Standing Order if possible. It really helps us budget. 

You will not receive an acknowledgement for your booking, but rest assured we’ve got it!

Remember that you can still participate in all our Masses as they are now live streamed. Click here for all our live streamed Masses:


Thank you and look forward to seeing you!

Ss Mary and Joseph's Church
186 St. John's Road
Hemel Hempstead

Shirley Bailey -

Bookings Are Closed