Westminster diocese Bishops’ Synodal Pathway Report

Hello friends

Here’s the report from the diocese, having taken account of the output from the Listening Sessions across the diocese towards the end of 2021. Thank you to all parishioners who participated. I hope that in someway your comments are reflected in this report. What is important is that we adopt synodal practice in all that we do as a parish i.e. work to build Communion amongst us and strive to ensure the Participation of all for the purpose of Mission. The PPC is particularly tasked with this in the parish. The task is great and we have a long way to go, especially as we recover from the effects of the pandemic. It’s a good challenge! It will require changes in attitudes and practice, as well as continual repentance and conversion so that we grow as a Holy People. In common with the Universal Church it is essential that we meet the challenge that is set for us by the Holy Spirit, so that we avoid joining the ranks of one of the the seven churches admonished by the Lord in the Book of Revelation! https://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=73&bible_chapter=2


Fr Brian