Fr. Brian writes…

for 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time 24th/25th October 2020

Background to the Gospel Reading Matthew 22:34-40  – (PDF Download)

This is the last of three questions put to Jesus by Jewish religious leaders who are trying to trick him into saying something that might get him arrested. The question requires Jesus to interpret the Law of Moses. The Mosaic Law was a mixture of the Ten Commandments and many additional rules, numbering over six hundred. Adherence to the Law, for a devout Jew, is an expression of faithfulness to God’s covenant with Israel. The ranking of the Commandments was regularly debated among the teachers of the Law. Jesus answers the Pharisees’ question with a two-fold summary. Jesus says that all of the commandments can be summarized in two commandments: love God and love your neighbour. Both of these were central elements of the religious tradition Jesus learned from his Jewish community. Jesus’ response to his questioners proposed an integral connection between these two aspects of the Jewish Law. Love of God finds its expression in our love for our neighbour. Today we can extend this to the way we treat asylum seekers and refugees.

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