Catholic Women’s League

The Catholic Women’s League is an international organisation founded in 1906 by Margaret Fletcher.

The aim of the CWL is to unite all Catholic women in a bond of common fellowship.

Its objectives are to …

  • Promote and support charitable works on parish, diocesan and national levels.

  • Train and encourage members to use their talents and skills in the service of the Church and community.

  • Initiate and maintain charitable works, whether religious or educational or in the interests of moral and social welfare.

The Boxmoor CWL is a friendly and sociable group which undertakes charitable works and always welcomes new members.  Those wanting to find out more about us are always welcome to join one of our meetings.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month in St Joseph’s Hall at 7.45pm.

At our meetings we often have visiting speakers who are able to give us an insight into their work for the good of others.

In May we hold a mass for the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations and invited other sections and the parish. This is well attended.

In July we have an evening of musical entertainment to complement our strawberry supper.  During October we usually hold a fun quiz evening with a harvest supper.  Both these events are open to members of the parish and the wider community, and are always very well attended.

The Catholic Women’s League has been running a very successful “Soup Special” serving homemade soups and cakes on the Third Thursday of each month.

The local community and the parish have enjoyed these events.

During the past year, members have supported not only the parish and local charities, but also worldwide appeals such as the Medaille trust to stop the sex trafficking of women, children and young men, Relief and Refugee fund, WUWCO (for which we also held the mass in May), the Sick & Retired Priests fund and the Youth of our parish who attended World Youth Day in Sydney, to name but a few.

Sometimes, more importantly, they have supported each other through prayers and acts of friendship and kindness.  Money has been raised and distributed to various charities according to members’ suggestions.

Our group has flourished.  We look forward to more parishioners joining us as we plan continued involvement in the parish and local community.