Childrens Liturgy of the Word

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word is run by a group of parents during school term-time.
It is designed to bring the Word of God to young children at a level they can easily understand.

At Ss Mary & Joseph Little Church takes place in St Joseph’s Hall (below the church) from the beginning of the 11.45 am mass and at the offertory the children are brought into church to take the offerings and join in the remaining celebration of the Mass.

At St. Mark’s Little Church our children begin the 10:15 Mass in the Church and are called forward for a Blessing, they then process they “Book of the Gospels” to an adjoining room. They return at the Offertory and join in the remaining celebration of the Mass.

During Little Church we light candles for special intentions chosen by the children, sing songs and listen to the gospel reading, discussing its meaning with the children afterwards. We finish with an activity which usually includes colouring in pictures from the gospel.

Children aged from 3 years can be left to enjoy Little Church, leaving Mums and Dads to attend Mass. However, parents are more than welcome to stay with their children as help with supervision is always gratefully accepted.

Very young babies and toddlers must be accompanied by Mum or Dad are very welcome to stay and grow with Little Church, so that when old enough they too can join in the liturgy.

We are always delighted to welcome our children and parents and look forward to greeting our new members in the future.