Baptisms will only go ahead if no new restrictions are introduced. Please limit your attendees to 30 people maximum.

Unless there are pressing pastoral reasons, Baptisms typically take place at Ss Mary and Joseph Church on the morning of the first Saturday of the month except for Lent, December and August

If you have already attended a Baptism Preparation course then you are welcome to contact the Parish Administrator. Have ready the date you attended the Baptism Preparation Class as Shirley will ask you for it. I have supplied Shirley with a list of the parents who have attended the Baptism Preparation Classes and I have asked her to check your name against the date to ensure the validity of the request.
We are sorry we have had to do this but due to the widespread practice of parents booking the Baptism before they have attended the Preparation Class, we have no alternative.

The Baptism Preparation Course is described here:

A contribution of £50 (ideally gift aided) is suggested from parents for a Baptism. This sum goes towards the running costs of the church. However, a smaller contribution can be made or no contribution made, depending on family circumstances.

We look forward to welcoming your child into the family of God!