A pastoral message from the Cardinal for Pentecost

The video is available online at https://vimeo.com/421046273 and on the diocesan website.

When you view the message, you will see that the Cardinal asks that, across the diocese, priests and people participate, from their homes, in a short vigil of prayer next Saturday, the Vigil of Pentecost. There is no specific time or format for this: what is important is that as many people as possible engage positively with the Cardinal’s invitation. A meditation on Pentecost, based on Christian art, will be available in the coming days via the diocesan website as one possible way to help with this time of prayer, but do feel very free to be creative in thinking how best to encourage participation in your local situation.

As ever, but particularly as the important Solemnity of Pentecost approaches, the Cardinal assures you that he holds you and your parishioners in his prayer, and remains most appreciative of all you are doing to sustain your lives of faith, and those of your parishioners, especially in reaching out to those who are isolated or facing real hardship at this time.