Hitchin Home Olympics

From 15th June 2021 until 16th July 2021 All day

Would you like to be a Hitchin Hero, raise money and have fun celebrating the Olympics?!

This summer, Phase Hitchin is hosting the Hitchin Home Olympics, a fun and exciting virtual challenge for the whole community to get involved with. As we watch the athletes in Japan run, throw, cycle, swim and jump their way to glory, you can take part as well; have fun, raise money, and change lives. We would be delighted if your church could support us in this.

You might know Phase through your church, as we are supported by Churches Together in Hitchin on our mission to support local young people delivering assemblies, workshops, support groups and short courses in schools. We support them to learn about emotional and mental wellbeing and what they can do to look after it. As you can imagine, we’ve been busy during lockdown and since schools have returned to face to face learning.

So after a difficult year, we thought it would be great to have some fun together and raise funds to continue our amazing work. Here’s how you can take part, either individually or perhaps with a small group of friends from your homegroup or church…

The June Olympic Relay Torch Challenge – can we take the virtual torch all the way from Hitchin to Tokyo? We’d love people to walk a mile (or maybe more, amaze us!), register your steps and donate £1 towards our exciting target of £10,000. Every step you do contributes to the combined Hitchin goal of 5,953 miles or 25,798,099 steps. We have every faith in the people of Hitchin!

The Olympics Challenge – this is one is going to take place between 2nd July-16th July. We would love it if you got involved and set yourself an Olympic-themed challenge. This could be a sponsored relay race, long jump, bike ride or gymnastics routine. Or if sport is not your thing, how about setting your family a cultural challenge? You can decide, but how about learning 20 words in Japanese, serving up a culinary delight and learn how to make sushi, or even, write your own manga comic. You could get really creative and think of your own event that is a challenge for you. You can find some ideas on our website www.phase-hitchin.org/olympics.

I’m in and would love to raise money for Phase, what do I do next?

First visit www.phase-hitchin.org/olympics where you can find all the resources you need – a sponsor form, fundraising ideas, posters to advertise your event and of course register your steps. We are grateful for every £ raised.

Second, if you’re on social media, give us a follow at all of the Phase accounts and check out the hashtag #hitchinolympics where we’ll be posting our combined Hitchin torch procession progress.

Third, plan your challenge, count your June steps, ask for sponsors or make a donation, and go for it! Don’t forget to share your photos and fundraising updates with us. The Phase team will be cheering you on. If you don’t have a pedometer we reckon that a mile is about 2,000 steps.

Fourth, send us your donation. This is easiest via the Phase fundraising hub at Virgin Money Giving.

Fifth, pray! We would value prayers for this as we have an ambitious target and there’s work to do! Pray that the events go well, we are able to generate excitement and support, and that we achieve our goal of helping more young people.

We are so excited for this challenge and can’t wait to see you all getting involved. If you want to find out more about the work we do at Phase and what your support can help achieve, go to www.phase-hitchin.org.

Sending an Olympic dose of good luck and huge THANKS for your support.

Kieran and the Phase team

Kieran Murphy