Good news stories in a time of epidemic

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From a parishioner in Pirton. Our wonderful neighbours, either side of us, with young families are both helping us with shopping – keeping us “oldies” safe!
Whilst out for our one walk a day  we saw 8 hares in a field, “haring” this way and that, suddenly stopping and then lying flat if they saw a buzzard or Red Kite in the sky. Magic!


Good News From Around The World 

Clear waters
The waters of Venice’s famous canals have cleared for the first time in years amid a decline in pollution.
Feeding the NHS

More than £500,000 has been raised by charity Meals for the NHS for local businesses to prepare food during the crisis.

So far about 66,000 meals have been delivered to NHS staff.


The granddaughter of a parishioner who is involved with the transplant service and was working in critical care in London has been moved to Harefield (she has health issues which makes her more vulnerable) She will still do work for organ donation on a rota.
Most transplants have been deferred but last week 3 were carried out at GOSH (the safest hospital in London because they do not take infectious cases)  there were two 11 year olds who were thought to have only days left without a transplant and a 5 year old who got a new heart.  Apparently the 5 year old was running round the ward on the 6th day – running for the first time in a year.
Praise and thanks be to God for this good news