Son Seekers Youth Ministry


Our Son Seeker family was set up in May 2016 in response to Pope Francis call to spread the word of God through Proclaim 15.

Our first event was a Funday Sunday on the 18th September with 56 children coming to enjoy fun and games.

Since then we have held 7 Funday’s and 2 All Hallows Eve parties (a wonderful alternative to Halloween), all of which have been very well attended.

Our aim is to grow the faith of our children and as they get older and for us to grow with them through the confirmation programme and activities aimed at young adults. We aim to do this by continuing our Fundays, parties, events and mostly by having fun.

We are currently a group of 10-15 volunteers, made up of parents, grandparents and young leaders.

We need your help with ideas and fun ways we can engage our children and help with organising and running these events. If you are interested or would like to get involved as a leader or volunteer, please email us at or contact Helen Bailey on 07771 552058.

If you would like more information about the group and you and your child(ren) would like to come along and see what we are all about, please email us at or just turn up to one of our events listed below. Everyone is very welcome. You can also find information about our events on our Facebook page:

Below are the dates of events we have confirmed so far this year:

4th Sunday Easter                  22nd April 2018; 10:30am                               – Funday
Pentecost Party                      20th May 2018; 10:30am                                – Party
Corpus Christi                         3rd June 2018; 10:30am                                 – Funday
15th Sunday                            15th July 2018; 10:30am                                – Funday
25th Sunday                            23rd September 2018; 10:30am                     – Funday
All Hallows Eve party              28th October 2018; 4:30pm                           – Party
Christ the King                        25th November 2018; 10:30am                      – Funday

All these events take place in the Parish Hall at Our Lady Immaculate & St Andrews.

All our Youth Leaders are DBS checked and many are First Aid trained.