Mass Attendance Card – Certificate

Many parents are worried that they will lose their cards over the summer or in the years ahead. Therefore, please obtain a Certificate for year 2017-2018 (highly recommended)

ONLINE APPOINTMENTS ARE CLOSED! Those who have missed collecting the Certificate(s) by online appointment system (2 weeks starting from 3 to 12 July) please:

  1. From 23 to 31 July: email Lavina at  with your Child(ren) full name for appointment.From 13 August to 30 August: Visit the Parish Office during office hours, no appointments required.

    From 1 to 28 September: email Lavina at  with your Child(ren) full name for appointment.

  2. Please bring your child’s attendance card(s) for your appointment.
  3. PARISH OFFICE: Open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.30am – 1.00pm.
  4. Stickers will not be issued in July and August.
  5. NEW ATTENDANCE CARDS will be issued on weekend 8/9 September 2018 in the church.
  6. Deadline to collect the certificate(s) is 28th September 2018.