Certificate of Catholic Practice for Secondary School Transfers 2019


Priest Appointments

  • Online Appointments CLOSED! -Those who have missed this opportunity, please contact them directly for an appointment via email or call. 



Parents/guardians, these instructions apply if:

  • You have a child in Year 6 at primary school, and wish to transfer him/her to Year 7 of any Roman Catholic secondary school for the academic year beginning in September 2019.
  • You are parishioners of Ss Michael and Martin, Hounslow.
  • You practice your Catholic faith by attending Mass on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation.

Your child’s primary school should help you with the process of applying for secondary school transfer.

  • You need to apply online at the council’s website (eadmissions.org.uk).
  • Catholic secondary schools additionally require that you complete a “Supplementary Information Form”, available from each school directly. You will find this in the application pack or on the school’s website.
  • You must choose six schools, whether Catholic or otherwise. This does not reduce your chances of a place at your first choice schools, and you could be seriously disadvantaged if you do not.

Catholic schools give priority to children of practicing Catholic families. To demonstrate this, you need a Certificate of Catholic Practice issued by a priest. Please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Book an appointment to meet the Priest. Bookings are made online at:


  • Please indicate all six schools.
  1. Download the Certificate of Catholic Practice  Please fill in the certificate with your child’s details, and print one copy for each Catholic school to which you are applying.
  1. At least one parent/guardian should come to the presbytery (94 Bath Road) to meet the Priest at the pre-arranged time. You must bring with you:
  • The filled and printed Certificates of Catholic Practice, one for each school.
  • Your child’s Mass Attendance Certificates, or Mass Attendance Cards for the past two years.
  • If you moved to our parish within the last two years you will also need a letter from your previous Parish Priest.

At this meeting the priest will sign and stamp the certificates and return them for you to send to the schools to which you are applying.