PEOPLE NOTICE – this is a letter Fr. Derek received last week:  “How wonderful it was to attend Mass with your parishioners; the reverence and participation in the Mass was beautiful to experience.  I was particularly impressed with the reverence of the altar servers.  They reminded me of the important ministry they perform and how with simple acts of reverence they have the capacity to draw everyone in the congregation to follow.  I write this not as a representative of Mary’s Meals, but as a faithful member of the Church and the impact the celebration of the Mass on Sat had on me.                                                                                                               

You have a very blessed parish, I thanked God for the blessing me with the opportunity to share in such a wonderful celebration of the Mass.  I go to Mass every day, and with Mary’s Meals I get to attend Mass in many different churches – so what I say is not said lightly, I really mean it.  The celebration of the sacrifice is the same, but the reverence and participation by the congregation can lift the offering of one’s heart in a more profound way to the Father in Heaven.”

A very big ‘thank you’ for allowing Mary’s Meals to again have its Rags to Riches collection at the Catholic Church of St Michael and St Martin. I am delighted to say that the parish managed to give 1370 kg of unwanted clothes; there were also cash donations of £1294.94 making a total contribution of £2062.14. Mary’s Meals is very grateful for your support – this is an excellent result!  The amount raised will feed 148 children who will not only get fed one good, nutritious meal every school day for a whole year, but they will get an education too.

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