Mass Attendance Card – Certificate

Certificate Of Attendance (2017/2018):
The certificates are now ready from the parish office. This certificate of attendance will be issued every year.

New Attendance Cards: 

We will be compiling a database and a register with each attendance card issued. We will only be retaining the name of the family and the date attendance card was issued.  The cards can be collected from the parish office. (Monday to Friday only). You will need to have a photograph of your child at the time of collecting the card so it can then be attached at the time of issue.

This is only applicable if you wish to send your child to a catholic primary or secondary school.

The Archdiocese requires that families attend regularly (this means attending Mass every Sunday or Saturday evening) for at least TWO Yearbefore a priest is able to sign the Certificate of Catholic Practice. If you are new to the parish – you will need a letter from your previous Parish Priest.