Fr John writes …

The School of Joy, Bethlehem, Appeal.

Last weekend we raised another £183 to send to the Friends of the Holy Land which will be forwarded to the School of Joy in Bethlehem.   Added to £1354 on the day of the Appeal this represents a most generous response by our parish.

Many of us were very moved by Fr Abusada’s appeal and his account of the difficult situation of the Christians living in the Holy Land.  It would be a great pity if Fr Abusada went home and we moved on, without giving any more thought to his people and how we might continue to help them.

To help us keep the good work progress Brendan Metcalfe is returning on Tuesday July 2nd at 7.30 to tell us some more about the work of the Friends of the Holy Land.

The Holy Land, the birthplace of Christianity and our Mother Church for 2,000 years is slowly diminishing. Our fellow Christians today represent just 1% of the population and each face difficult, personal challenges every day as the price to live as a Christian in the Holy Land. How long before the Holy Sites become just museums with no active Christian congregation? How much do you know? How can you help?

The mission of Friends of the Holy Land is to work directly with our brothers and sisters in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Israel to support and encourage a resilient and enduring Christian presence. Please join us for Tea/Coffee and perhaps some new understanding.


Eucharistic Ministers – a date for your diary

Present Eucharistic Ministers,  and those who would like to be considered for this ministry , are invited to an afternoon of Reflection, Practical Considerations and forward planning on Sunday afternoon, 30th June from 3-4.30pm. The afternoon will conclude with a short time of prayer and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and include the recommissioning of the existing Ministers who are present.

So that we can plan for numbers, please either inform Brigid on WhatsApp or send an email to Fr John ( or leave a phone message on Fr John’s extension (0207 485 4023 ext. 3)     If you cannot attend this session there will be an opportunity to do it another time.  If you do not attend and have not replied it will be assumed that you no longer wish to continue as a Minister .

Anyone who would like to volunteer for this ministry is very welcome to do so. Following the session you  will receive specific training and be commissioned.