Fr John writes …


The Bishops of England and Wales have launched an initiative entitled, The God Who Speaks: The Year of the Word. 2020 is the 16th hundred anniversary of St. Jerome, a great translator and scholar of the Bible, who famously said, ‘Ignorance of the Scriptures is Ignorance of Christ’.

A noticeboard on the left hand side of the church before you leave will be dedicated to the Year of the Word. You will find there details of events, talks etc which may be of help to you in getting to know the Scriptures better.

Here are some brief reflections for the Gospels of the next two weeks, prepared by one of the priests of the diocese.

19/01 2nd OT – A John 1:29-34


John’s mission was to point out Jesus as he walked around. Without him, some people will not have followed, listened or accepted Jesus in their lives. Today Jesus is still present among us, many a times unrecognised by us. How can you point him out to others? Who has presented Jesus to you?

Act   Pray in thanksgiving for the person who has been John the Baptist for you. Think also who could you lead to Christ, pointing out his presence in the events of his/her life.


There are a number of small pamphlets that will help those who wish to read a small passage of the Bible every day.

BIBLE ALIVE is published every month.     It contains a commentary on one of the readings for Mass each day, and an essay on a Biblical topic.   Cost £2.   We hope to have a limited number of copies for sale within the next week or fortnight.   Google Alive Publishing on the internet for long term subscriptions.

Alive Publishing also publish Walk with Me, a pamphlet pulished three times a year to correspond with Advent Lent and Eastertide.

Arch Publishing offer ‘My Day by Day’.     This pamphlet contains the Mass readings for each day with a brief quote from a Saint.     Call 0178221300 to order.   Also online offers a daily online meditation provided by the Irish Jesuits.   As well as a brief commentary on a reading of the day it offers a method for prayerful reflection on Scripture.

LANDINGS is a programme to support parishes reach out to Catholics who are not active in their faith, or to support those who are thinking of returning and want to have ‘another look’. It aims to provide a compassionate and safe space to help individuals find their way back into full and active participation.

There will be a training day on Saturday 21st March 2020 (three weeks before Easter). 10 am-4pm at Vaughan House, 46 Francis Street London SW1P 1QN (behind the Cathedral). If you would like to be part of a small team to take part in this work, please have a word with Fr John.

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