Admin & Finance

Parish Team
Parish Priest: Fr John Deehan 020 7485 4023
Administrator: Lyndsey Stiling
Welfare: Richard Mallon 0795 1600 451

Parish Council
Purpose:   Parish Life & Development
Meetings:  Meet six times per year
Contact:   Fr John Deehan

Purpose: Exercising care and protection for our children, vulnerable adults
and one another.
Contacts: Brenda Humphries  020 7267 4227,   Mark Holdsworth  07747038311

Parish Finance Committee
Purpose:  To oversee Parish finances
Meetings: Meets 5 times in the year
Contact:   Leo Barran  020 7263 1309

Planned Giving
Purpose:   Donations to the Church
Meetings:  When Required
Contact:    David Betts  020 7267 2139

200 Club
Purpose:  A Monthly Draw that supports upkeep of the parish
Coordinator: Joelle Simpson 020 8368 5524

Parish Building Fund
Purpose:  Supports parish building and maintenance
Contact: Lyndsey Stiling 020 7485 4023

Parish Property Maintenance
Purpose:  Ongoing initiatives, repairs and maintenance.
Contacts: Every Thursday on site Charlie, Ernie and Clive 020 7485 4023