Catachesis & Prayer

Please contact the presbytery for more information on any of the below activities – 020 7485 4023.

Purpose: Provision of holy objects like books, cards, rosary beads, candles in
support of peoples faith.
Contact: Charles Gregory & Ann Nelson.

Faith Formation & Catechesis

Contact the Parish Office on 020 7485 4023

Baptism (Children): Jackie and Marvin Roberts

Children’s Liturgy 11:00 Mass: Charlotte Barran

First Communion: Margaret Crotty & Ann Warren

Confirmation (Teenagers): Margaret Harvey and Claire Holdsworth

RCIA Journey in Faith: John Powell and Fr John Deehan

Marriage: Fr John Deehan

Prayer & Prayer Groups

Prayer of the Church daily: Morning 09.40

Rosary daily: After Morning Mass at 10.35

Exposition & Benediction: Fridays 10.30am to 12noon.

Small Faith Sharing Groups
Meet to share faith issues in Advent & Lent.

Meet 2nd Tuesday of the Month at Julia Forsythe’s 47c Gaisford Street.

Christian Meditation:
Meet weekly on Thursday at 11:00 in the Day Chapel. Led by Sister Marie Cassey.