Reflections from the Holy Land

Many of us will still be in a state of shock at the atrocities that are being committed in Israel and Gaza at the present time.     These two sets of reflections have been written by the CEO of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, that is the diocese which embraces the Church in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan and Cyprus.     One was circulated just before the incursion into Israel and the second gives an update on the situation in Gaza.     The Christian community is tiny – about 125 persons, but as you will see is very active.    Thanks to the help of the Friends of the Holy Land I have sent a text to the parish priest, Fr Gabriel, offering the support of our prayers.   Fr Abusada left here on Monday and was not able to cross to Palestine until Thursday.

Below you find the content of an email we received from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem:

We put between your hands today, two different reflections of the CEO – Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. We ask you to pray for the Holy Land and its people and for peace to prevail in the country of peace.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Lina Mustaklem
Assistant to the CEO
General Administration
The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Please click here to read the first letter with reflections and click here to read the second letter with reflections.