Association for the Propagation of the Faith (APF)

The Association for the Propagation of the Faith was started in France by a young woman, Pauline-Marie Jaricot.  She asked workers to give the equivalent of one farthing each week to help the Missionaries.  Pope Pius X1 declared the APF the official funding for Missionaries worldwide.  It was established in England and then came to Letchworth.  Over 40 years ago we had just 5 members, but we have now progressed to over 80.  Parishioners have a red collecting box in their homes and we have 12 Promoters, one of whom will call to empty the box and deliver a magazine four times a year.  On average £2000 is raised each year.  To learn more about the Association, click on the link

If you would like to have a red box in your home, or would like to join our team of Promoters, please contact our Parish Priest in the first instance.