Junior Choir

THE SCHOLA CAECILIANA, THE YOUTH CHOIR OF ST. ANSELM AND ST CECILIA: The Schola Caeciliana is a junior choir, made up of girls and boys aged between 7 to 18 who sing for the 10am Mass on Sundays, as well as for other special occasions. They present a carol service at Christmas, as well as playing an integral role in the Easter liturgies.
We are always looking for new members of age 7 upwards. Choir rehearsals takes place in the Parish Room at the church after 10am Mass on a Sunday. All are welcome and it’s not necessary to be able to read music. Free one-to-one singing lessons are provided. Parents can sign up their child by emailing the Parish Office at lincolnsinnfields@rcdow.org.uk where you will be sent a link to provide details.
Please contact our Director of Music, Anthony Davie if you have any questions.